30 Days of Devotion: Tarot and the Vedas

Let’s Begin.

I am the roaring raging wave of wrath that slays the haters of devotion, I am the six of swords that shall carry you away from here, and take you to a safer place, a place of sanctuary. I am she who stands before the veil, between the pillars of the Temple. I am the mighty torrent, inciter of pious words and inspirer of gracious deeds. I am the Three of Cups and the Queen of Swords. If you are a Fool, then I shall make you a sage, a priest, a worker of wonders…a Magician!

Draw the cards. Call on me. ❤


The High Priestess

To Saraswati

My Lady sits upon a silver throne,
A crescent moon of white beneath her feet
In starry splendor, heaven’s light has shone
Upon her face and form, her smile so sweet.

My Lady walks within a garden wall
A crescent crown of white upon her brow
Her starry splendor, radiant to all
I see her and I kiss her feet and bow

My Lady stands before a temple veil
A crescent smile of white upon her lips
Before her starry splendor my words fail
She lifts me to my feet and grants a kiss

My Lady is a splendid crescent one,
Her Moon to me, more wondrous than the Sun