I’m Thankful

It goes without saying that I’m thankful for My Lady Saraswati’s presence in my life. This year though, I’m also thankful for the renewed attentions of Lady Lakshmi. I’m especially thankful for the new People in my life: Amitabha Buddha, Medicine King Buddha, and Marici Devi.

I’m thankful for all of Them, because if They weren’t here, I wouldn’t be able to thank you, my readers, for sticking with me.

On The Rocks…and Stones, and Crystals

I love crystals and stones. So does Saraswati. Lakshmi loves them more than both of us combined. I’ve amassed quite a collection, but I really have nowhere to put it all, and it keeps getting bigger. (Looking for some nice flourite next.) It’s not a cheap hobby – and yes, though I buy many of the stones for Saraswati and/or Lakshmi as offerings, it is a hobby that we share together. Devotional activity can be fun, you know. 😉

And yes, I’ll admit it. When it comes to crystals, I OWN MY DAMN FLUFF. I color code them by chakra, and believe some types of crystals are better than others for different purposes. I even have all three volumes of The Crystal Bible (though I confess, it’s mostly for entertainment purposes). I love citrine because it makes me happy. Selenite raises my consciousness to the next level. Quartz is my go-to.



When Saraswati is mad, she lets you know. You feel her eyes on you. She makes you go cold. She is the mighty torrent, the raging, rushing flood that breaks the backs of mountains. For those she loves, she restrains herself, and merely scares the shit out of you.

When Lakshmi is mad on the other hand, she doesn’t tell you. She doesn’t say a single word. She simply goes from being Lakshmi to being Alakshmi, and slips out the door. Then, the house goes cold. Your luck dries up. The bills go unpaid. Somehow your life just isn’t so happy, and you can’t figure out why, because Alakshmi is an awful lot like Lakshmi, just in reverse.

Alakshmi is always unhappy. She’s never satisfied, no matter how many pretty things you buy her, or how many rich fruits and flowers you offer her. What you need to do is get right with Lakshmi, because Alakshmi is not Lakshmi. Stop making offerings to her!

All Hail Lakshmi

All hail to the Lovely Lady Lakshmi!
She who turns fortune’s wheel,
She who chooses the luck of Kings
Namo Devi, Namo Kamala, Namo Sri!

All hail to the Lovely Lady Lakshmi!
Lotus born lover of Kings
Lotus faced lady of luck
Namo Devi, Namo Kamala, Namo Sri!

All hail to the Lovely Lady Lakshmi!
Bringer of auspiciousness
And bearer of good tidings
Namo Devi, Namo Kamal, Namo Sri!