The title of this blog came from an experience I had with Saraswati. I was struggling to find the names for my path and for my relationship with her, when I heard her say quite clearly, you’re my hamsa, silly goose!

For those of you who don’t know, a hamsa is a semi-mythical waterfowl, variously identified as either a swan or goose. There is debate on which creature it actually is. Both birds fit the bill, in my opinion. (Pun truly not intended. I’m so, so sorry.) The hamsa was said to have the ability to separate nectar from water, and its flight was symbolic of the pure soul’s journey through samsara and into moksha.

I didn’t know the deeper theological symbolism when I chose to change my blog’s name from The Red Faery to Flight of the Hamsa. I only knew that the creature was Saraswati’s mount (vahana).

So, she got me again…