Water and Wisdom

Saraswati Devi is a goddess of water and wisdom, worshipped across Asia by millions of people in multiple faiths. While she is the patroness of learning and the arts, she is also ancient and elemental in her power, for she was once a guardian spirit of the sacred river from which she took her name.

The Saraswati River was said to have its source in the heavens, though her essence no longer flows to earth in the form of the waters, but instead as the fluidity of inspiration itself. Those lucky enough to drink from her wellspring have wisdom that can break the backs of mountains, just as in the age of the Vedas.

Faith and Family

My younger niece was christened today at the local Episcopal Church. Funny thing is, her parents (my sister and brother-in-law) are both atheists. They attend to please my grandmother, who is a devout Christian, as was my grandfather. I will say that it does please my grandmommy to no end to have not only her son and his wife (my parents), but also grandchild and now great-grandchildren to fill an entire pew around her, when for so long, she did not have that support.

The service itself was perfect. There was no other way to describe it. I was frankly surprised by the amount of energy it raised, because as a former Catholic, I still can’t shake the view of Episcopalianism as “Diet Catholicism.” (For pity’s sake, this church has an altar rail!). The energy actually knocked me off balance and made me dizzy. This of course means that I’m now terrified of what would happen should I go to an actual Catholic Mass where Communion is being taken…