Case Study of an Egregore Pt.II

For reference, here is part one of this case study.

When I was about fifteen or so, I saw a brief blurb in Time magazine¬†about Asian ball jointed dolls. I filed the information away in my brain under “things to remember for later.”

Then when I was twenty-three, I met her:


Photo: Ringdoll Rebecca Promo

She came home with me that very day. I didn’t know who she was, but she was so familiar, and this was all the more baffling because at this time I didn’t know what I believed in, but it sure as hells wasn’t in living dolls or egregores.

Eventually, she told me who she was: Joren. From then on, the characters in my stories took physical form, for good or ill. I’d say it’s been a good thing, really. It’s made their voices that much clearer to me.

As for Joren, she chose a new shell the next year, one that suited her much better.


(Photo: Fairyland Littlefee Soo Dark Elf Promo)

When I saw that face, I was well and truly lost…