On The Rocks…and Stones, and Crystals

I love crystals and stones. So does Saraswati. Lakshmi loves them more than both of us combined. I’ve amassed quite a collection, but I really have nowhere to put it all, and it keeps getting bigger. (Looking for some nice flourite next.) It’s not a cheap hobby – and yes, though I buy many of the stones for Saraswati and/or Lakshmi as offerings, it is a hobby that we share together. Devotional activity can be fun, you know. 😉

And yes, I’ll admit it. When it comes to crystals, I OWN MY DAMN FLUFF. I color code them by chakra, and believe some types of crystals are better than others for different purposes. I even have all three volumes of The Crystal Bible (though I confess, it’s mostly for entertainment purposes). I love citrine because it makes me happy. Selenite raises my consciousness to the next level. Quartz is my go-to.