The First Noble Truth

The First Noble Truth of Buddhism is that life is duhkha (Sanskrit; in Pali, dukkha). Duhkha is any of a number of negative things: pain, misery, anxiety, suffering, dissatisfaction…the list goes on and on. Basically, the First Noble Truth is that “Life Sucks.”

I’ve been able to accept the First Noble Truth in an abstract way for quite some time. Shitty things happen. That’s life. The world sucks. Life sucks. However, a few days ago, I was having a minor anxiety attack for no real reason at all. Why was I feeling so shitty, when I’m so much better off than everyone else I know? Why was I unhappy when I had no reason to be?

Then, the First Noble Truth hit me in the face.

Life is duhkha.

And my anxiety melted away.

The First Noble Truth made me accept that there will be times when I am not OK…and that’s OK. It’s to be expected. It’s OK to not be OK! You know why? Because that’s how life is. Life is duhkha.