Familiar Pains

So I was window-shopping for my spoiled dolls, I mean, my helpful familiars when I come across an adorable pair of fairywings from Bambicrony. Joren screamed in my ear that she had to have them.

I looked at the promo pictures. Yes, they would be sooo cute on her. I put a pair in the e-cart. $37, which is a reasonable price in the BJD world. Shipping? EMS only. Calculate shipping…(Yaaaay, Joren’s gonna be soooooooooo cute!!!)


The total cost ended up at $62.

A Note on Guanyin

Guanyin is often cited by popular (Western) authors as the Goddess of Mercy (TM), and as a manifestation of the Divine Feminine. The problem is that she’s just…not. Guanyin is a bodhisattva, not a deva. She represents unconditional compassion, not mercy…and there is no “Divine Feminine” in Buddhism (and no Divine Masculine).



My Dharma

I’m a Buddhist in the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. If you want an idea of what that means, the most famous Gelugpa is unquestionably His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

HHDL as a boy, photographer unknown

I didn’t join the Gelug school because of His Holiness’s fame though. I joined because of the school’s long tradition of rigorous scholarship, and even better, the fact that a Gelug-affiliated Dharma center is about two miles from my apartment.

Why Online Buddhism Can Be Awesome

I’m a member (and now moderator) on a Buddhist forum. In my posts here, I’ve expressed frustration with Buddhism online. I’ve also asserted that sometimes (sometimes), it can be pretty awesome. A year ago or so, someone on the Buddhist forum sent me a pm with a link to this video, and the simple note:

I bumped into this just now and thought you’d enjoy.

Online Buddhism is awesome when you run into real Buddhists…