9 thoughts on “Calling out!

  1. Maybe you could write about observations you make or about critters that cross your path? Things that stand out to you? For instance, I heard an owl during broad daylight. Kinda odd, right? So it got me thinking about owls and what they symbolize, deities that are associated with owls, etc. Just an idea. 😊

  2. For those of us who are new to your blog, perhaps a little bit about you? If you’ve already done this just drop me a link please 🙂 otherwise… I’m always fascinated by spiritual discussion pertaining to mental illness, why we are Here, etc.

  3. Memories of living in Japan? How you became openheaded/spiritworker/whatchamacallit? How you got into Hinduism?

    Of course while I’ll lob that in ‘ere because I’m curious, I’ve noticed textwalls of explanation just really aren’t your personal blogging style so…More devotional poetry or short updates about tiny everyday (or “one slightly more peculiar day”) things/events that happen to gain a spark or glow of spiritual significance? 😀

    1. Faemon, I’ve been sitting on an idea to tell the story of how my head was opened…I think I’ll have to write it out! And yes, your observation is correct, I’m not much to write big walls of text. Unless its about history…maybe I should write some more about that?

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