Making Things Fit

I found a Saraswati puja online quite by accident, while doing research for a class project. The puja is short and simple, something I can do in the morning. The only problem is that I already have something I do in the morning – my Buddhist devotions. This is a problem, and My Lady is not giving much in the way of advice. She seems to feel that I have to sort it out myself…

3 thoughts on “Making Things Fit

  1. If Saraswati doesn’t want you to copy anyone’s homework then I won’t show you mine, BUT this is something I was struggling with a lot a while back. I had like a plan of 12 different things I thought I needed to do for my daily spiritual practice, and finally my human mom said that my efforts would get diluted if spread thin and doing just one thing was going to be more effective (divine mom seemed to agree). If Saraswati is okay with me telling you about what I do then I will, otherwise just know that you’re not alone!

    1. I would *love* to talk with you more in-depth. I’ve been meaning to email you for ages, but I keep forgetting. ❤ Keep an eye out on your spam folder, since I have a yahoo! address.

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