Labels are tricky things. People say they don’t like them, but they’re necessary. They really are! Even the Buddha had to use them, because we mortals stuck in samsara can’t think without them. “Samsara” is a label. “Nirvana” is a label. “Buddha” is a label. They’re labels for concepts, and though ultimately it’s true that concepts also fail to capture reality as it is, we need concepts too.

Just some thinky thoughts…

6 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Redfaery – what Tarot deck do you use? I’ve been working with the Sacred India Tarot (a Hindu and Buddhist deck – great value for money because it’s great cardstock, great artwork, has several extra cards, and comes with a very thick guidebook included) and Saraswati is the High Priestess! The Pentacles suit of this deck follows the story of the Life of the Buddha as well. It’s been an amazing deck to work with and I knew you read the Tarot as well, so I thought I’d recommend this deck to you!

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I have several decks, but my favorite is the Shadowscapes. The deck you recommended actually looks very similar in style, so it’s definitely going on my list (if I can find a better place to get it than Amazon.)

      1. Oh the Shadowscapes is gorgeous too…very Faery 🙂 I bought my Sacred India deck on Amazon because I guess I’m a bad person, but yes I do hope you find it elsewhere!

  2. Oh it’s not that I’m morally against buying from Amazon, sorry! It’s just that I hadn’t heard of either of the sellers listed, and one of them acty’all had pretty poor feedback.

    1. Oh I just saw this sorry! I hadn’t looked at the sellers’ ratings, but I think Yogi Impressions is one of the official sellers of the deck. I did buy my deck from myrockland (the other listed seller) and it shipped within 3 days 🙂

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