Labels are tricky things. People say they don’t like them, but they’re necessary. They really are! Even the Buddha had to use them, because we mortals stuck in samsara can’t think without them. “Samsara” is a label. “Nirvana” is a label. “Buddha” is a label. They’re labels for concepts, and though ultimately it’s true that concepts also fail to capture reality as it is, we need concepts too.

Just some thinky thoughts…


It’s been a while since I’ve made a “personal” post, so here goes:

I no longer have my own place, as I’ve moved in with my parents. This is actually going pretty well. My mom and I have come to a much deeper understanding of each other, and we no longer fight like we once did. As a result, my stress levels have gone waaaaay down because I’m not afraid to talk to her about things (and I’m pretty sure she’d say EXACTLY the same thing!)

In other, bigger news, I’ve been accepted into one of the state’s best Library Science programs, and I’m honestly shocked how happy I am there. The teachers treat us (the students) as fucking adults. At NCSU I was often shocked how little the professors trusted us. Put your computer away! Let me see the doctor’s note! PAY ATTENTION! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU???”

The work I’ve been doing in the MLIS program has given me much to think about though, and I’ll be trying to order my thoughts into a couple of coherent entries over the course of the next couple days. Thanks for reading!