Words are what we use to share reality with one another, but reality lies beyond them. This doesn’t mean that words are false or untrue, or bad or wrong. I think words are absolutely wonderful things. They are the mask that the gods wear to help us understand.

At least, My Lady masks herself in words.

My Lady wears masks made of many words. She’s worn many names. It’s fun to see which one she’s wearing, which one she’s really behind. I grab it with my mind and pull with my thoughts, but when She shows herself to me, I can only understand what I’ve witnessed by comparing Her luminous face to the many masks I’ve seen.

One thought on “Words

  1. So much yes to the different masks. I have a very strong pop culture magic influence in my devotional life these days, and my Mother has actually showed me, in dreams and meditation, all the different ways she has peeped out at me from behind “fictional characters” throughout my life, and how she has been the one behind like 99% of my fiction attempts. As someone who still writes stories, now that I’m more fully aware that pop culture magic and pop culture paganism is a thing, it makes me think two, three, four times about how I get inspiration and what this world-building fantasy stuff really is and who my characters possibly actually are.

    It’s VERY weird.

    It’s also oddly reassuring.

    It has definitely made my personal practice of Hinduism much richer (though definitely even more esoteric than it already was with my little godspouse practice which I will die a hundred deaths before I ever come out of the closet about.)

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