Why Saraswati?

My Lady Saraswati is a being of the most utterly refined sattvic energy, according to Hindu sources. Poems and prose describe her as beautiful, fair, luminous like the full moon. She is crystalline and shining. Saraswati is pure consciousness given form and dynamic energy. Saraswati Maa is my love and my life. I live and breathe for her. In many ways I live and breathe thanks to her.


Words are what we use to share reality with one another, but reality lies beyond them. This doesn’t mean that words are false or untrue, or bad or wrong. I think words are absolutely wonderful things. They are the mask that the gods wear to help us understand.

At least, My Lady masks herself in words.

My Lady wears masks made of many words. She’s worn many names. It’s fun to see which one she’s wearing, which one she’s really behind. I grab it with my mind and pull with my thoughts, but when She shows herself to me, I can only understand what I’ve witnessed by comparing Her luminous face to the many masks I’ve seen.

I am still a Buddhist, but…

I used to call myself Buddhist. There’s nothing wrong with that, as I am Buddhist, but I would call myself Buddhist sometimes as a way to discriminate myself from those people who merely claimed to be Buddhist and didn’t really “get it.”

Do you see the problem here? I may be a Buddhist, but that was not Ethical Conduct. Being a self-righteous ass is not Buddhist.


Saraswati is my buddha-nature.

She is the indwelling, pure luminosity of my mind, freed from obscuration. She is part of me; she is not separate from me. When I forget this, I despair, because I don’t find Her when I look outside of myself. She is within me, and within you. She is perfection of wisdom, the mother of all Buddhas.

I salute Her nature within you, as you salute Her nature within me!