Guru Purnima

Today is Guru Purnima, a celebration of one’s teachers. So today I would like to celebrate all my teachers, from the mundane to the mystical and from my youth to the present.

  • Firstly there was my grandfather, who taught me the value of a good story.
  • Then there was my mother, who taught me that I will always be loved
  • Then there was my kindergarten teacher, who taught me that my quirks had value
  • There was Father Joe at my church, who taught me what holiness meant
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, who taught me what devotion meant
  • Saint Maria Goretti, who taught me that anything can be forgiven – anything.
  • My advisor at the community college, who taught me what my real skills are
  • My advisor at undergrad, for teaching me so much I never would have known otherwise.
  • And of course, Saraswati, for teaching me about myself most of all.

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