3 thoughts on “I Pay Homage

  1. Your poetry is great.

    Btw I don’t know if this will interest you, but I found out recently that the title “Paramahamsa”, which is given to self-realized sages/masters, means “supreme swan/goose”, aka he/she who has attained the highest realization. I never made the connection to Saraswati before! It does put your blog name in a new light – you may become a Paramahamsa before you leave this life yourself 🙂

    1. Thank you, that is a wonderful thing to say, and I’m deeply moved by it. ❤

      This blog was indeed (re)named "Flight of the Hamsa" as an homage to Lady Saraswati's swan/goose mount. I only learned the term Paramahamsa quite recently, and you're right, it does lend another layer of meaning to the title! 🙂

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