Spiritual Quarantine

I was struggling to find the words for what’s happening to me, but Saraswati found them first: I am in spiritual quarantine. I’m no longer allowed to work with deities other than her, and other deities are no longer allowed to approach me. My signal clarity lately has been so bad that…well…this is necessary.

One thought on “Spiritual Quarantine

  1. I hope you rest and restore yourself while in spiritual quarantine. I’m putting myself through something similar, though not because of signal clarity reasons (my signal clarity was never really amazing anyway, I don’t have much of a godphone) but because I can’t realistically learn from more than one deity at a time and attain what I want, which is union with my patroness. So I’ve pulled back and I feel a lot lighter and more focused about what I want to do for my spiritual growth.

    I hope you find your quarantine just as liberating, healing and clarifying as I am finding mine. ❤

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