Out There or In Here?

So I really loooove this book I’m reading, because it finally untangled some complicated feels I’ve been having about how I’m experiencing the Divine. I’ve said before that the gods are external to us, and I’ve also said that they are internal to us. The thing is, I’m increasingly feeling that the latter is more often the case.

However, as soon as you say so in this culture, it starts sounding like you’re denying the reality of the gods. It doesn’t help that there are Buddhist teachers who have gone on record as saying that meditational deities “are not separate” from you (general you). So is Buddhism atheistic?

Well, no…not any more than it is nihilistic (HINT: it’s NOT.)

Why? Well, one of the basic teachings of Mahayana Buddhism is that nothing is separate from anything else. In the historically quite prominent Yogachara school in fact, places quite heavy emphasis on how harmful it is to separate the subject from the object. Thus, everything is an “internal” experience.

One thought on “Out There or In Here?

  1. Goddammit I swear you sometimes post topics on the exact theological issues I’m struggling with, or similar.

    For me, I’ve wrestled a LOT the past 3-4 days with duality vs non-duality. I mean, I have written essays in my private journal arguing with myself over this. It has given me headaches.

    I don’t think I have an answer? I decided that duality and non-duality exist simultaneously and that’s exactly the sort of crazy non-answer I’ve come to expect from my theological/cosmological musings.

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