No, You Don’t Want This

This morning one of my friends died, and I feel like I’m somehow responsible because a few months ago I had a premonition of her death. Plenty of books out there will tell you how to develop psychic powers, but it seems like very few of them tell you what the consequences of those powers can be. Do you want to see the future? No, you don’t. You really, really don’t.

6 thoughts on “No, You Don’t Want This

  1. My condolences.

    You’re right, more authors need to give the cons to learning certain abilities. It’s not always a gift… I don’t know that you could’ve changed the outcome, but I hope you don’t allow the guilt to destroy you.

    Heal well.

  2. I have had this exact thing happen to me. It took me years to get past the guilt of it, because I might have been able to save her, too. I totally understand. *many hugs*

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