Early Rising

It’s early yet, and still dark outside. The predawn hours are my favorite time of day, especially if I’m the only human at home. I like to watch my cats and play computer games.

Another reason I enjoy this time though, is that in these still and quiet hours before the dawn comes, I can feel My Lady’s presence very clearly. No doubt my signal clarity is best when my mind is clearest, but I also like to think that She is an early riser…

3 thoughts on “Early Rising

  1. I like the pre-dawn hours best too, not because I can tune into my godphone (still trying to develop one) but because I need quiet more than anything.

    I have a question that I’ve been thinking about for ages, and this post reminded me of it. I don’t know if you want to answer it, you definitely don’t have to. But on the subject of one’s signal clarity with one’s patroness/patron deity – do you think people would be able to maintain that connection if they got on a spaceship and traveled to another solar system? I mean, do you think your signal clarity with Saraswati would be affected by being in another galaxy, or even on Pluto?

    Before I discovered the metaphysical side of the pagan community, I definitely assumed that the gods existed beyond space and time and…well I was thinking in different ways. But now I see that maybe gods are tied to physical anchors more than I thought. So I’ve often wondered what would happen if a person with a god phone were to leave our planet, solar system or galaxy…what would happen?

  2. I think that question would need a post of its own for a complete answer. You’ve given me a lot to think about, and the wheels in my brain are turning! I’m pretty sure *some* gods are indeed unfettered by time and space, but that many others are not. But beyond that, I really just haven’ thought about it.

  3. Yay! haha I actually got an idea for a sci fi novel even as I wrote that question to you. But yeah, ever since I started working with the gods on a more straightforward polytheist level (as opposed to what I was doing before, which was basically Hinduism at its monist extreme), this question has been at the back of my mind.

    I do think the planetary bodies of our solar system – the orbiting plants, their orbiting satellites, the sun, and the asteroids – are all probably linked to the gods of Earth in some way. All of our mythologies involve them, after all, and the gods are directly associated with them. But then you have to wonder if each of the other planets have their own spirits and what would happen in another arm of the Milky Way.

    Currently I would guess that all gods are unfettered by time and space, but probably manifest with a different mask…but I question that as well, so for now I have no idea.

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