PSA: Karma

It’s time to talk about karma again, which means I get to drag out Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya

I see karma get romanticized a lot, even identified with the Wiccanate “Rule of Three.” In the pagan community, it’s widely misunderstood, and talked about as some sort of universal balancing principle. Instances of poetic justice are pointed to as Karma in action. Case in point:



Let me say something right now: STOP IT.

Karma has nothing to do with poetic justice, or the just world fallacy. It is not victim blaming or the law of attraction, or the power of positive thinking. It sure as hell has nothing to do with the Law of Threefold Return. I have encountered people who rejected the concept of karma because it was linked with these ideas.

Karma has been reduced to a punchline in NeoPagan spirituality, twisted into justification that allows the privileged to enjoy their comfortable lives without question, because hey, they must have earned it somehow. When you strip karma from its original framework, you lose the next half of the equation – pleasure now means pain tomorrow.

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