30 Days of Devotion: Tarot and the Vedas

Let’s Begin.

I am the roaring raging wave of wrath that slays the haters of devotion, I am the six of swords that shall carry you away from here, and take you to a safer place, a place of sanctuary. I am she who stands before the veil, between the pillars of the Temple. I am the mighty torrent, inciter of pious words and inspirer of gracious deeds. I am the Three of Cups and the Queen of Swords. If you are a Fool, then I shall make you a sage, a priest, a worker of wonders…a Magician!

Draw the cards. Call on me. ❤


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Devotion: Tarot and the Vedas

  1. I just saw all of these! Thank you for continuing to help people understand Saraswati and connect to her, and I like the style of your new 30 Days of Devotion posts.

  2. Quick question Redfaery: In this 30 Days of Devotion exercise, do you have any interest in talking about Saraswati’s Tantric counterpart, Matangi? Matangi is one of the ten Mahavidya goddesses and I work with two other Mahavidyas (Kali and Kamala), and have been considering doing dual pujas with Matangi and Saraswati in the future.

    I’m a bit curious about whether Matangi is Saraswati’s Tantric form (which is how it’s described in the lore) or if there is some other connection between them. If you have any interest in addressing this, I’d love to hear your thoughts! But if you aren’t interested in discussing that, then that’s fine too.

  3. Well, Hindu and Buddhist lore is incredibly accurate, IMO. Unlike Norse or Celtic lore for example it’s been preserved without bias. So I would have no hesitation in relying on it for information on Saraswati or other deities. If the lore says Matangi is the tantric form of Saraswati, she is. Matangi intrigues me, but I’m not familiar enough with her to write about her just yet.

  4. That’s a good point because ever since I’ve discovered that “UPG” exists, I’ve gone back and forth about UPG vs Lore in dharmic religions. Anyway if I have any interesting experiences with Matangi I’ll definitely post it here and I’ll let you know. I plan to start dual Matangi-Saraswati pujas some time next month.

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