Please stop using the phrase “The Old Gods.” Just stop it. It just sounds silly. Because Yahweh, that god you’re trashing by implication? He’s been around for a loooooooong time.

Yeah. He’s an old god. So seriously. Quit.

A Couple of Things

It’s OK to have different UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) from someone else, even if that person is influential in the community, because even when UPG makes the leap to SPG (Shared Personal Gnosis), it’s still personal.

It’s OK if your beliefs don’t match up perfectly with those of someone you like. You can still like them, and – *gasp!* be interested in what they believe – while still maintaining the integrity of your own beliefs.

No Excuses

Buddhism is constantly having to make excuses for itself to Westerners. I’ve mentioned in a previous post how ideas like karma and reincarnation get watered down so much as to be useless. Something that bothers me just as much, and that is tied up with this is the rationalization of more mystical practices such as visualizations involving deities and the manipulation of energy.

The mechanics behind these practices just can’t be explained in a rational and logical manner. They are mystical; they are magical. They aren’t play, and they aren’t pretend. They aren’t elaborate daydreams that have no existence outside your mind. They impact you, and they have an impact on the world around you.

Words from Hermes: Ordinary is OK

This needs to be said.

Magick From Scratch

You guys. Look.

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary.

Ordinary is most people. If you think about it, greatness is really a measure of “being better than everyone else.” If everyone was just as good at painting as Rembrandt, that level of skill wouldn’t mean much. If having an exceptional skill was common, there would be nothing exceptional about it.

Some people have this idea that the gods only want exceptional people. That’s not true.

In some traditions, the point is that you have this small group of secret, elite folk who do special stuff for special, secret deities. Hellenismos is mostly an exoteric faith. It’s meant to be followed by normal people. It’s a city religion. It’s a religion meant to be followed by thousands, or millions, not dozens. We’re not looking for perfect people, or even exceptional people, we’re just looking for people who love us.

We don’t…

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