Building new practices – a spirit house

I’m one of those who is willing to offer hospitality to strange spirits. This is perhaps not always a wise move on my own part, but I also believe it’s part of building a community.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

It’s been pretty quiet around here, hasn’t it? Since the final push to get the hand bound copies of Worshiping Loki out the door I’ve pulled back in order to focus on job-writing and other work. The effort left me pretty wiped out as you might imagine and I’ve still got the logistics of printing standard copies to think about. The person who I had originally planned to partner with on this effort had to pull back for job-related reasons, which I totally understand. He’s a freelance designer and though I would have been paying him, he had other clients come up in the meantime that had to become a priority. He’s provided me with some references but so far nothing has panned out. I’ve also put myself to studying formatting for bound material printing just in case I have to do this all myself – which I really, really…

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