2 thoughts on “Mini-Ranticle

  1. It may be relative to location too (outside Middle East)- but mostly I think when people use those terms they don’t think that deeply about it. Many Heathens refer to YHWH as “the desert god”, and I like to poke them by saying “Oh, which one? Set, Shamash, Enlil?” I don’t think old gods is always trashing by implication- it depends on the context, however the “foreign desert god” thing is pretty much always very negative by implication. It’s also funny come from a bunch of people who typically are not living in Scandinavia/Germany/Ireland etc. I also don’t have a problem with newer gods and traditions/practices.

    1. Sure, it’s not always used specifically to trash YHWH, or be negative about Abrahamic traditions. But there is a lot of ageism and elitism in the pagan community, and I honestly have seen phrases like “The Old Gods” used as dogwhistles to that segment too often to really feel comfortable with it anymore. :/

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