Apotheosis: Semele Thyone and The Upper and Lower Faces of Divinity

Magick From Scratch

There is a difference between the way deities appear to one another and the way that they appear to us. The way that they appear to us is shaped by our expectations, the way we speak to them, and also by decisions that they make about what we are and are not ready for. The way deities see one another is shaped by their chosen role with respect to the pantheon they exist in, which is often far more complex than what any one human will see when they call that deity.

There is potentially great spiritual benefit in starting with the most comfortable face of a deity and shaping what we see to be more congruent with the higher nature of the deity.

By way of explaining this idea, I turn to the myth of Semele, as written by Nonnus. To orient you: Semele is the mother of Dionysos and a…

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