What To Do When Astral Entities Bug You

Magick From Scratch


One of the most frequent problems I see cropping up in the community of gnosticly inclined Pagans is annoying or harmful astral entities that won’t go away. When people are taught to use the astral (some people are not taught, but are born knowing) this is often the very first thing that happens.

While the astral is full of gods, demons, faeries, and dead people, it is also full of quasi-sentient ideas that take on shape and wreak havoc. Spells that actually do something are a kind of living idea, and so are servitors. Most psychic attacks fall into the same basic category. I’m going to simply refer to this entire category of thing, collectively, as “spooks.”

I have had great success in the case of free-floating “entities,” psychic attacks, and nasty spells with pulling the energy out of the living idea, putting it into a new form, and thereby…

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