Random Acts of Devotion

I’m not a person who can juggle many tasks, despite what that fortune cookie told me. (Yes, I really did get a fortune cookie that told me that.) I have autism, and I get overwhelmed easily. When that happens, I shut down. That’s not conducive to devotional activity. To be fair – Saraswati reminds me that it’s not conducive to any activity. Certainly also, there are the needs of individuals with full-time jobs, families, and busy lives. So that’s why I’m a bit puzzled at the expectation in the polytheist community of elaborate ritual calendars and daily rituals.

For someone like me, remembering to do even the simplest rituals every day is, quite frankly, difficult. Does this make me a bad polytheist? I doubt it. It makes me a bad ritualist. But ritual is not polytheism. Religion is more than the motions of rite. It is also belief, and for people like me, it is also love.

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