Happy Lammas!

Of all the festivals on the Wheel, Lammas has given me the most trouble. Sacrifice to the land? Excuse me, I can’t even eat bread. (Yeast allergy, ho!) And waving wheat in my face does nothing but make me feel ill, because I really, really hate the taste. I’m a seriously weird person.

In any case, the major crops in my region are tobacco and cotton, not grain. I don’t want to celebrate the former, but the latter is actually quite important to everyday life, and I just realized through Google-fu that its harvest starts around the Fall Equinox – making Lammas the perfect time to pray for a good harvest of it.


3 thoughts on “Happy Lammas!

    1. LOL…I’d *LOVE* to celebrate the soybeans, but I’m allergic. Corn’s a great idea though, and so are peanuts and sweet potatoes. I’ll check those out. Thanks for reminding me! I forget we live in the same area, roughly.

      1. Also, I read in the “Triangle Gardener” newspaper that our state is ranked fourth in floriculture, so you can celebrate with flowers too! ^_^

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