World’s #1 Goddess <3

It’s the little things.

I made My Lady a necklace last night, and put it on Her statue. She was as delighted as my own mother was, many years ago when I presented her with a handmade and handpainted ashtray (she did smoke at the time). From what I recall, the ashtray was never used, but was displayed prominently in my mom’s office.

Ten years later (when I was 17 or so) I saw it and asked what it was doing there. Mom raised an eyebrow. “You made it for me.” That was all the explanation she gave, and all that was needed. It remained in her office until she retired a few years later. She still has it today, though.

A while back I asked Saraswati if she wanted me to get her a different kamidana to house her talismans. Her reaction? But you made it for me!

I don’t think the necklace is going anywhere anytime soon.


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