Saraswati’s Favorite Things

30 Days of Devotion
Day 10: Offerings

What does one offer to Saraswati? The answer largely depends on how you approach her. In Vedic times, she was offered the tip of a ram’s tongue. In modern India, Hindus perform elaborate offering rituals in her honor – puja. In Buddhism (especially Tibetan Buddhism) famous sages wrote beautiful verses to her. There are, however, a few things that She seems quite keen on no matter who you are:

  • flowers. She is connected especially with white lotuses and jasmine.
  • fresh fruit and fruit juice. This is actually pretty common within the Indian pantheon
  • good quality dairy products. Again, common offerings for the Indian pantheon
  • music and poetry, writing and all forms of art. Duh…
  • precious and semi-precious stones. She is said to wear a string of pearls, and carry crystal prayer beads; precious stones moreover are incredibly prized by most of the Hindu pantheon (but not all).

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