Saraswati’s Friends

30 Days of Devotion
Day 6: Related Entities

Brahma: husband and father. Creator god in the Indian/Hindu pantheon.

Manjushri: Tantric Consort in the Tibetan Buddhist Pantheon. He is the Bodhisattva of wisdom and a good match.

Shakyamuni Buddha: An important ally. She offers homage to him in the Sutra of Golden Light, which has an entire chapter dedicated to her. Buddhists of all stripes can count on Saraswati for help in intellectual matters.

Lakshmi: The Indian goddess of good fortune. Another ally, in both the Buddhist and Hindu pantheons. These two have an intense relationship that often confuses people. My UPG is that they have a something akin to a sibling rivalry with one other.

Indra: foremost god of the Vedas. Saraswati was one of his consorts, as were all the river goddesses.

Ila and Bharati: Vedic river goddesses invoked alongside Saraswati.

The Maruts: Vedic storm gods and companions to Indra. They were Saraswati’s companions.

The Asvins: Twin Vedic physician gods. Also her companions.

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