Saraswati’s Kin

30 Days of Devotion
Day 5: family and genealogical ties

Brahma: her father as well as her husband. Brahma split half of himself off to create Saraswati, while the other half became the first mortal man.
Manjushri: bodhisattva of wisdom and tantric consort.

Daksha: Brahma’s eldest son, born from his mental powers like Saraswati was. He was made from Brahma’s toe. Daksha and his brothers treated Saraswati as a sister.
Sati: Daksha’s eldest daughter. An incarnation of the Maha Devi; Shiva’s first consort. She immolated herself using her immense yogic abilities to shame her father for slighting Shiva (and by extension, her). She was reborn as Parvati.

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