Love Wins


I thought I should share a picture of the flowers I bought yesterday morning for Maha Shri (aka Lakshmi) and Saraswati. They were both utterly insistent that I buy them both flowers. Neither of them explained precisely what the occasion was. They simply led me to believe that it was because I hadn’t bought either of them presents for a long time (and to be fair, that’s probably partly the reason they asked…)

Despite my neglect, both of The Ladies were in excellent moods yesterday morning. Saraswati announced “It’s going to be a great day.” without qualifying further. For the first time in a long time, I felt her presence as pure joy. At 8 a.m, I got in the car and drove to Fresh Market. By this time, Saraswati had already flipped the Truth Switches in my head to bring on my epiphany regarding my own sexuality, yet the pair of them (Lakshmi and My Lady Saraswati herself) were flirting with me, and now that I knew what was truly expected of me, it felt so liberating to simply enjoy their attentions.

I spent some time arranging the flowers in the offering bowls to Their specifications, which left me with a perfect bunch of headless roses. One of them (I believe Lakshmi) quipped that the bouquet of thorny stems would be an excellent gift for “the TERFs.” I wasn’t sure why she brought it up, but I had to agree.

Afterwards, I began the process of coming out as asexual. I messaged a friend for support, and called my mother. It went over so much better than I was expected, the whole thing seemed rather anti-climactic.

And then I refreshed my feed.

The ruling had come down. Saraswati continued to be smug for the next few hours.

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