My Life with Saraswati: OMG YOU ARE SO AWESOME

This is to be the first of an ongoing series about my experiences as a devotee and dedicant of My Lady Saraswati. I must make a disclaimer, however: I am as white and Western as it is as possible to be, and though the vast majority of my experiences regarding My Lady can be corroborated in extant lore regarding her personality, preferences, history, etc., what I state here is nonetheless still only my personal experience and should be taken as such.


How would I describe My Lady, Saraswati?

People tend to think of Saraswati as a quiet, bookish lady sitting on a swan (it’s actually a goose. Don’t laugh. Geese are pretty badass) and strumming away at some sort of lute guitar thingy. Guess what? That guitar thingy is called a veena, and its vibrations contain all the sounds of the universe.

I’d say she’s awesome.

That’s really not an opinion. That’s a fact. When I read the Rig Veda, I am filled with Her presence, and I can feel her vastness and her ancient power. She was a mighty river then, though she has long since vanished. She was called the “inspirer of all gracious thought” and the Vedic priests prayed to her so that their words might flow like her waters.

To tell the truth, My Lady would rather be alone with her books than in a party. She’d rather stay in than go out. She’s the exact opposite of Lady Lakshmi. So here she is, sitting in her chair and waiting for people to come to her. She answers them, with that slight smile and raised eyebrow I’ve come to know so well. She’s warm and calm, but also incredibly practical. Yet she also has an unexpected streak of playfulness and whimsy that comes out in private.

But my Lady is awesome. She inspires awe in me, and I kneel at her feet in love and gratitude for her blessings.

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