This jar is nothing of importance to anyone but myself.

I found it at a local antique store the day after I returned from Japan. It’s hand-painted, with highlights in gold ink. The attention to detail is heartbreaking. It was only $12, being sold as a piece of Occupation-era kitsch.

Was it that unimportant?

I wonder who made it. The subject matter doesn’t seem right for something that was made for the US GIs to take home. The Shichi Fukujin cavort across its body and play across the lid. My goddess Benzaiten-sama is there with them of course, as she is one of their number.

It is a beautiful piece of art, taken from its maker and sold for a fraction of its worth. Is it that unimportant?

Is anything that unimportant?

5 thoughts on “Value

  1. I think you get very deep, may be you have any questions to ask from God. But believe me you have a wonderful spirit.,and a fairy is always with you. God bless you dear… 🙂

      1. My name is Anne, but please understand that I don’t like to give out too many details about my identity. It’s nothing personal. I come from a very intolerant part of the United States.

      2. Thanks for sharing your name, 🙂 so loving name you have. Anne oks I understand that, but we are going chat friends with WordPress.. And dear you need any help from my side than please give me a chance to get smileing ☺ you..

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