Returning Home to a Foreign Land, Pt.2

I am leaving for Japan tomorrow. My flight from Charlotte leaves before dawn, and I have a fairly long layover in Houston. (I actually like the Houston airport, so No Big Deal.) Then it’s off to Japan.

To Japan.

To Japan.

I’ll be staying in an airport hotel for the first couple of nights, and using that as a base to explore the region via train, since my hotel is close to the station. I hope to make daytrips to Kamakura and Yokohama, and maybe even scout out Tokyo before I go to my hotel on the 25th.

Oh…and my hotel? It’s just a cheap little budget deal. All the reviews said “great location!” I mean…they really emphasized it. Not just “oh this place is really convenient,” but OMG THIS PLACE IS IN A GREAT LOCATION.

I didn’t pay it much mind at first. In the back of my mind, I remembered that next to Ueno station = next to Ueno park, but…I didn’t think about it. Not until I cracked open a guidebook to look at the Northern Tokyo section and then I remembered. OH YEAH UENO STATION IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK.

There will be some pretty pictures on this blog over the next week and a half. I guarantee that.

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