A Hymn to Maha Sarasvati

Maha Devi Sarasvati, Mother of us all
Maha, Maha Sarasvati, mother of my soul
Devi, Devi, Spun the space between the stars
Maha Devi, Devi SAM, Sarasvati AUM

Devi in the Ocean’s roaring waves,
Maha, Maha Sarasvati Maha Devi Maha AUM
Sarasvati in the waters’ cool embrace
AUM, Devi, Devi, Sarasvati, Devi SAM

Sarasvati Devi, Heaven hanging on a star
Maha, Maha Devi Sarasvati AUM
Devi, Devi, light the Sun’s consuming fire
AUM, Maha Devi, Devi Sarasvati SAM

Builds the mountains, grinds them down
Maha Devi, Devi, Devi, Devi Ma
Painting dark spots on Her moon
AUM SAM Devi Maha Sarasvati Ma

AUM SAM Maha Devi Sarasvati
Sarasvati Devi, Devi, Devi, Devi
Sarasvati, Sarasvati Maha Devi Ma
Om Sam Sarasvatyai Namah!

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