Be Careful What You Wish For

What do you think of Sarasvati? Pagans seem to have her pegged as a bookish lady – Brahma’s wife, oh she’s not scary. Gets along great with Ganesha. Give her some yellow flowers, she’ll help you on your exam! To be fair, most of that is true. She was/is Brahma’s shakti. She loves books and really likes yellow flowers, and of course she and Ganesha are pretty tight as fellow wisdom deities in the same pantheon. As for the “not scary”?

You might want to be careful with that.

I speak from experience that Sarasvati isn’t a Trickster like Loki, or a Destroyer like Kali. But….but….she is knowledge. Let me repeat. She is knowledge. And there are things you might not want to know. There are things you should not know. And she knows them all. So when you call on her, be careful what you ask for help with. She is honest. She doesn’t allow you your ignorance, even if it’s your bliss.

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