How I Met my Goddess


I was a child when I first saw my goddess’sĀ face, not older than ten or eleven. I was obsessed with India as a little girl, so my parents bought me a travel guide to look through. It had lots and lots of pictures, and a section on annual festivals. The picture that headed off the festival chapter was an icon of a beautiful lady in a shimmering white dress, with golden skin and a mysterious smile.

What was this lady’s name? Why, she was Sarasvati, the goddess of learning! A goddess of learning soundedĀ marvelous to me, and so did the ritual where books and writing instruments were bought to her temple to be blessed. I would like to worship her, I thought, if only she were real… So I forgot about her.

But Sarasvati never forgot about me…

One thought on “How I Met my Goddess

  1. Reblogged this on Flight of the Hamsa and commented:

    For 30 Days of Devotion, Day 2.

    I must admit I couldn’t write anything new about how I first became aware of Saraswati. I feel like this post says everything I wanted to say about it.

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