So what is a Hamsa, anyway?


In case you didn’t notice, my blog is undergoing some changes. You probably didn’t notice, though, because I haven’t blogged anything in forever…But first off, my blog is now “Flight of the Hamsa” and not “The Red Faery” This brings up an important question. It is one that I feel simply must be answered: what the heck is a hamsa, anyway?

A hamsa is a silly goose! *rimshot*

*crickets*  Sorry…..

In seriousnes, a hamsa is indeed a goose. My patroness Sarasvati is shown riding one through the air, hence the new name of this blog. Herself has referred to me as her hamsa, mostly in order to make the “silly goose” joke above. I am her hamsa; I am her silly goose.

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