Namah Savitri

In this world I created

born from my mind

brought forth from my thought

I alone was God.

God without, God within

God of all, but God of none,

for this world of thought

was empty of You.

I alone was God,

but alone, I was God.

The world I made

was nothing without you

My world was nothing

I, a God of nothing

until you came forth

until you were something

You came forth from thought.

Before you, there was nothing

and after, nothing but you.

There is nothing that exists without you.

Hail, Maha Devi! Namah!

Glorious Sarasvati, the Flowing One!

Hail Sarasvati! Hail Savitri! Namah!

You are the half of me that brings forth the world.