Not My UPG

Excellent thoughts on the more subjective side of mysticism.

Of Frost and Starry Nights

Earlier this week, I struggled a bit when I was reading someone’s UPG about a god I’ve worked with and found myself vehemently disagreeing with a good deal of it. I got angry and upset over the whole thing, possibly out of the fear that it would be their UPG that would be accepted as “right” and mine seen as “wrong” as they talked more frequently about the god in question than I.

But the thing is, that it’s okay for them to have their experiences and UPG based on that just as much as it’s okay for me to do the same. All I can do honestly is to speak my own piece and let others decide for themselves. Which means I also need to start sharing more of my experiences as well, even if they don’t match up to what others say.

For example, one of the things…

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